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Date: 14th September 2016
How Has Technology Transformed The Travel Industry

Technology has brought in a global change to the travel industry and the good news is, these changes are for better!! When the twenty first century was still in its initial phase, booking a ticket or planning an out station holiday meant visiting the local travel agent for reliable guidance. But now, those days are gone as digital technology has started giving us choices in huge ways. For travel agents, their businesses got disrupted to some extent, due to this advancement in technology but on the other hand, now technology allows a traveler to collect details, plan, manage and book their holidays in much convenient manner.

High speed internet and enhanced communication technology has opened up space for travel industries to maintain cordial relationship with their customers. Now it is easier to send videos or text messages to anyone, sitting in any corner of the globe, at a pocket friendly rate. Traveler need not to bang their heads in search of accurate information regarding any destination, hospitality services and other topics.   Moreover, if any data or details need to be relayed to any customers, travel agencies can instantly send them to the concern airline or hotel.

Also thanks to technology, that contemporary travel agencies can portray themselves better. By creating brand websites and maintaining social media activities, they can reach out to concerned audience smoothly. Travel companies can keep clients updated about their latest offers and renewed services through these platforms by posting videos, blogs, articles, infographic etc.

Studies show that almost 93% of contemporary customers rely on online reviews and recommendations for booking any lodge, hotel, travel inn etc. They take up to social media sites to catch a glimpse of available quality travel services. There are as well online travel rating sites that provides various comments, reviews and feedback on the companies associated with travel facilities. This way a connection between the viewer, traveler and the brand is created.

The Transformation Of The Travel Industry Due To Innovative Technology

Maintaining data in an organized manner is another benefit of modern technology. Storage devices with huge space and high speed are allowing travel companies to keep records of their past clients and travelers. Now it as well possible for organizations to collect the details about your online search data. In doing so, they get an idea of customer requirements and can personalize their services accordingly. Furthermore, it helps the agencies to function efficiently by preventing loss of valuable information.

Smartphone – which is also a product of advancing technology allows travelers to book cabs online from the comfort zones. It is a concept that is getting trendy and currently it has become a matter of few clicks before heading out of home, office, shopping complex or any other area. Even if the cab driver gets confused with the addressed location, he can always request his client to sent the GPS address of the site.

With the introduction of carbon fibre, it has become possible for aircraft engineers to manufacture airplane parts  that are much lighter in weight but way stronger compared to parts produced during the 60s and 70s. This facility has further enabled to design larger planes to carry more passengers at a single time. The Airbus A380, has been designed with such material and thus it is not only the largest airplane at present but also bears the capacity to carry more than 850 travelers.

Thus, we can see that, though technology has a handful of cons for the society, at the same it has also benefited the modern generation with many travel options. In other words, it has transformed the travel industry with better and enhanced choices.

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