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Date: 14th September 2016
How To Find The Best Health Insurance Coverage

With so many health insurance companies out in the market, it is really tricky when it comes to availing the best health insurance plan. Simply being aware of the fact that you need a health insurance plan to cover up your medical expenses, in case of any emergency, is not enough. Today, we have filtered out few important factors that are worth knowing before you head on to procure an insurance policy for medical benefits. Thus, read further to know exactly how to select the perfect policy with the right benefits, charges, networks and coverage for you and your dear ones.

  1. What Are The Essentials Covered Under The Policy:

Health insurance are not solely meant to serve you only when you fall sick. There are few other necessary benefits that the plan should offer you when you buy it. The plan that you will be availing, whether it be from your State’s Health Insurance Marketplace or from some other private insurance agent, always remember to check out the following advantages –

  • Services for hospitalization
  • Emergency case benefits
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Substance abuse and mental illness treatment
  • Dental and vision care
  • Pediatric Services
  • Immunizations, mammograms and management of chronic diseases
  • Services for rehabilitation
  • Services for laboratory testing
  • Outpatient care
  1. Category of Plan:

Though there won’t be any difference in terms of service quality, health insurance plans are basically divided into five major categories –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum and
  • Catastrophic

It is important to choose carefully among which category will best suit your purpose, is only because, each of them comes under different cost and which will again depend on your health conditions and financial situation.


The Best Ways to Select Health Insurance Coverage

  1. Cost Coverage:

There are two different types of cost that you have to pay for any of your health insurance policy –

  • Monthly premium
  • Out-of-pocket expenses/Cost sharing

Monthly premiums are the regular dues that you are suppose to pay after a set period of time, thus it is known to all of us and does not create much of an issue.  But apart from this, you also require to pay an extra charge while availing the services. These are called out-of-pocket expenses and are not part of your monthly charges. So, before concluding on a particular plan, remember to discuss clearly on this part with your agent, so that you don’t land up spending a huge amount at the time of medical care.

  1. Network Coverage:

Under each health insurance policy, there are a number of service providers which include doctors, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, imaging centers etc.  These service providers will offer you medical service under a specific price as discussed under each policy. So, it is your duty to check out which network of medical providers are included under the insurance you are about to procure, to avoid later confusion and tension. For example, if a doctor is not mentioned under your plan, then you have to pay extra for doctors while availing their services. But the point is when you will be already paying premiums for the policy, it is better to avail a plan which covers the perfect network of service providers.

Now since you know what factors to look into while going for a health insurance plan, next time make a better decision and take maximum benefits out of the most perfect insurance policy.

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