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Date: 14th September 2016
What Impact Globalization Has On Travel Industry

Travel Industry – It’s one of the world’s lucrative multinational economic activities and stands among the top five trade industry in most of the countries. Moreover on an average in one year more than 1.1 billion international travelers are roaming around the world.

As digitalized networking properties and deep hooks into customer data collection via social media platform and ticket booking sites have made the possibility of delivering customized service. Planning for the dream vacation according to the likes and preferences of today’s travelers made travel industry to grow globally. Therefore the share of tourism in international trade is constantly increasing its importance in delivering customized service for the travelers.

Now let’s have a brief discussion on impact of globalization on travel industry.

  1. Influence Of Social Ecosystem

No doubt, social media has a great influence on travel industry by booking tickets to sharing reviews. It is also fueling the trend towards valuing the experiences of the travelers. As per the survey, more than 60% o travelers said that social networking sites have greatly influence a change in their travelling plans, also few said that they booked a trip from a company liked by a friend than a promotional ad. This proves that travel industry has gained more popularity because 80% of social media user’s updates, status and vacation photos have influenced other’s to plan their trips.

Impact Of Globalization On Travel Industry

  1. Finding Favorite Spot Is Now With A Single Click

In those days searching location for the trip was only through travel agencies, guidebooks and many others. It was also difficult to get the climate reports of the particular country was only possible by contacting government organizations directly via news media. But today we are not living in this situation; there are many popular tourism websites to search for the destinations, hotel bookings can all be carried out. These sites also provide reviews on particular destination, hotels and weather report of any country by just a single click. Alternatively there are many mobile apps to guide while travelling and to get details about the destination. In that Google Map is the bet mobile app to plan the distance and short & best route from a hotel to tourist sites.

  1. Instant Communication Technologies

Few decades ago, Telephone was only means of communication to talk with our family or friend, but always it wasn’t successful. Similarly receiving any parcels from overseas was not an easy job. But now these things have changed drastically, influence of technologies have made world much smaller to communicate instantly. Now no matter wherever your loved one is travels, they can be easily accessed via phone call, email or Skype.

  1. Currency Conversion Has Become Simpler

Before when we plan for vacation, we used to visit a dedicated bank and convert currency or travelers cheque. This process was taking more time. Today, we just need to carry our credit card or debit card and withdrawal at any local ATM to obtain that particular country currency. This facility has made people to plan for the trip at any corner of the world.

Finally, the digital marketing trends, advanced technology and mobile applications have created a place for travelers to research and plan for their vacation in simpler way. This transformation has made travel industry to grow globally!!

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